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Bridge to Life Ensuring Critical Supply Plan During COVID-19 Outbreak

Belzer UW Cold Storage Solution

Belzer UW®

Cold Storage Solution

Also available in 2-L size

Belzer UW Machine Perfusion Solution

Belzer MPS®

UW Machine Perfusion Solution

French-Sized Cannulae

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French-Sized Cannulae

Bridge to Life stands ready to supply French hospitals with Belzer MPS® (UW Machine Perfusion Solution), CE marked and registered in France, for use as a replacement for KPS-1®. Belzer MPS may be identified under an alternate name “MaPerSol.” Click to learn more

Company Mission & Focus

Bridge to Life (Europe) Ltd. provides Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution for the preservation of abdominal organ transplants and Belzer MPS® UW Machine Perfusion Solution in the United States, Canada, the European Union, other countries in Europe, China, and numerous other countries worldwide.

We hold an exclusive trademark license from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) for the trademarks Belzer UW® and Belzer MPS®. The solutions are manufactured in a Certified ISO 13485 Standard facility in Wisconsin, USA.

Bridge to Life works with organ transplant professionals to increase the number of donated organs. Bridge to Life is committed to providing the highest level of customer service to the global transplant community. Our company is continually exploring the development of additional products to improve organ transplant outcomes.

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