Belzer MPS® UW Machine Perfusion Solution Bag


Belzer MPS® UW Machine Perfusion Solution is a sterile, isotonic non-pyrogenic solution with the following approximate calculations:

  • Osmolarity of 300mOsm
  • Sodium concentration of 100 mEq/L
  • Potassium concentration of 25 mEq/L
  • pH of 7.4 at room temperature

1,000 mL in one-liter bags, shelf carton of 6


Belzer MPS® solution should be stored between 2°–25°C (36°–77°F). While 5°C is the ideal temperature for actual perfusion of Belzer MPS®, a range of 4°–8°C is acceptable. Cooling to 4°–8°C can take up to 24 hours, so it is best to have some Belzer MPS® in a refrigerator to ensure that it is cool enough to use on short notice. Do not freeze or expose to excessive heat.

Price & Ordering

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Belzer MPS® UW Machine Perfusion Solution is intended for the in vitro flushing and temporary continuous machine perfusion preservation of explanted kidneys. Instructions and bag labels are provided in English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, Espanol, Nederlands and Portugues.


Instructions for Use

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Label Information

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Safety Data Sheets

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Belzer MPS® UW Machine Perfusion Solution is manufactured in the USA.

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