Slide LifeCradle Cardiac Preservation Transport System Bridge to Life Background Currently under development.
Pending clinical evaluation and
regulatory clearance.


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Reimagine the Future of Organ Transport and Preservation

Reimagine the Future of Organ Transport and Preservation

The LifeCradle™ Cardiac Preservation Transport System provides for preservation, storage, monitoring, and transportation of donor hearts using hypothermic, oxygenated, nutrient perfusion from the time of organ procurement until transplantation into the recipient.

  • Small, lightweight & portable
  • Continuous display/recording of preservation conditions
  • Intuitive use/handling by 1 person
  • Completely self-contained
  • Patented device technology uses a perfusion solution to support organs at a controlled temperature in transport, providing oxygen and nutrients.
  • Circulates an oxygenated, hypothermic, nutrient solution in a highly controlled and monitored environment.

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