Abdominal organ retrieval is often a difficult and stressful process. Making the process more efficient and safer will be good news. Bridge to Life was asked to help and has responded.
By the end of 2015, all bags of Bridge to Life solutions sold in Europe (Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution, Belzer MPS® UW Perfusion Solution) will carry an important new safety aid — a detachable adhesive label with batch information.

As shown in the image here, four identical stickers, each with the name of the product, batch number and expiry date are being included on every bag. This is displayed in word form as well as in both commonly used forms of a barcode (line and QR).

The label will confirm the product being used, and the fact that it is currently in date. It will also simplify record keeping as the peelable labels can be adhered to the record sheets instead of hand writing batch numbers. Hospitals already using barcode reading as a check, and for electronic record keeping, will now be able to use this technology with Belzer UW organ preservation solutions.