VitaSmart Kidney and Lung Perfusion Machine

Made in EU / Fabriqué en Europe

Liver Perfusion

Kidney Perfusion

  • Hypothermic
  • Oxygenated
  • CE Marked
  • Easy to Use
  • Priced for Routine Use
  • One Machine for Livers & Kidneys
  • For HOPE and DHOPE
    Pre-Implant, In-Hospital Use

Available in all countries accepting the CE Mark


Oxygen is needed at cold pumping temperatures as the mitochondrial respiration switches from anaerobic to aerobic metabolism. The HOPE protocol supplies a significant upload of cellular adenine nucleotides to reduce ischemic injury. The VitaSmart is your simple and economical choice to pump either livers or kidneys.

Price & Ordering

Please contact: CUSTOMER SERVICE
Bridge to Life (Europe) Ltd.
Phone: +44(0)20 3411 8326
Fax: +44(0)20 3004 1103


Disposables Instructions for Use

Kidney Disposable VIEW PDF
Liver Disposable: HOPE Protocol VIEW PDF
Liver Disposable: DHOPE Protocol VIEW PDF

Disposables QuickStart Guides

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Training Videos

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Review Dr. Ravaioli’s Clinical Study (PDF)
“Hypothermic Oxygenated Machine Perfusion (HOPE) in Liver and Kidney Transplantation of Extended Criteria Brain Dead Donors (ECD-DBD)”

Review Journal of Hepatology Study
Journal of Hepatology (Jan. 2019): “Outcomes of DCD liver transplantation using organs treated by hypothermic oxygenated perfusion before implantation.”

Abstract from COPE Study Regarding the Benefits of Oxygenation in DCD Kidneys