Wisconsin Alumni
Research Foundation

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Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation at UW-Madison

Bridge to Life is honored to be a licensee of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (“WARF”). Bridge to Life is the exclusive licensee of WARF’s trademark, Belzer UW®.

The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation’s mission is to support scientific research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. WARF accomplishes this by:

  • Moving inventions arising from the university’s laboratories to the marketplace for the benefit of the university, the inventors and society
  • Carefully managing an endowment that WARF has grown since its inception

Nearly all of the income from WARF’s transfer of technology and investment management is returned each year to the university to fund further scientific research.

In addition to providing Bridge to Life various licenses, WARF also owns 5% of the total shares of Bridge to Life, the first time that WARF has taken an equity position in a startup company.

Bridge to Life is designated as a WARF Startup Company.

Learn more about the vital role WARF plays in the development of science and its implementation into tomorrow’s technology — www.warf.org